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Is this the cheapest way to drastically improve your business?

A well known brand name, business support, sales tools and advice, professionally designed marketing collateral, proprietary workflow software, strong supplier relationships and buying power, all designed to take your existing business to another level.
Jim’s Uniforms is a national franchise rolling out Australia wide and catered towards people with experience in the uniform/promotions space. It is being run by leaders in the B2B sector in partnership with Jim’s Group.
Our franchisees benefit from a strong brand name, business support, proprietary workflow software, strong supplier relationships, buying power, and use of the national call centre. We also provide ongoing sales guidance based on best practices and real data to help drive sales, as well as all the benefits that come with being part of Jim’s, the largest franchise group in Australia.
The franchisees are mobile and therefore always where the customers need them to be. We have a carefully selected catalogue and franchisees are fully stocked with a sample of every item in our catalogue, something that is rare in the industry. Franchisees are equipped with all the marketing collateral they need to ensure a quick conversion.
One tool that always has a major impact on business profitably is a “Point of Sale Program” that addresses the needs of the client while automating the order process for the business, allowing the user more available time. At Jim’s we have developed our own proprietary cloud software that is built around dynamic client facing presentations, finger touch workflows and order reconciliation. Our custom built software runs on a tablet and allows the Franchisee to display catalogues automatically customised for each client. It allows them full workflow including shopping cart entry, embellishment placement mock-up, quoting, payment, project flow and automated ordering. The system comes fully turnkey with all the information the Franchisee needs at their fingertips to ensure a professional service.
The Jim’s logo is one of the most recognised logos in the country and now one of the most recognised in the uniforms industry. Our franchisees use this and their excellent product and service as their key points of differentiation. An important thing is that it remains their business and with the strong brand it becomes a valuable and saleable asset. From hamburgers to clothing, the biggest brands in Australia sell the most product and make the most margin primarily because they have the strongest brand. All products that our franchisees sell are automatically backed by the Jim’s Satisfaction Guarantee. This brand strength extends all the way to our supply chain with a head-office backed trade guarantee to all our supply partners
One thing we have found in this industry is an issue that appears in many industries. Some businesses are very busy but not making the money they expected, or dont have the available time that they expected to have when they entered into their own business. Our own business suffered this same problem many years ago and we worked very hard to understand what was going on and how to fix it. By doing so, we inadvertently created a competency and have developed a way to ensure that everyone takes out more value than they put in. The Jim’s brand is both a vehicle and one of the tools. Time is our biggest enemy. Time in the day, the week, and in our lives. We go into business for ourselves thinking that it will give us more time and freedom but often it does the opposite and with little to show for it. Fixing this is a complex issue, it varies on industries and on the individual business and the owner’s needs, desires, skills and resources. The solution calls for addressing at multiple levels using multiple tools.
Many of these tools work around scale. You can take any 100 businesses from this sector and you will find that all 100 of them are consuming some of their time on things that if they were working together, would only need to be done once for all 100 businesses. You will find them all spending money on the exact same overheads that if they were working together, would only need to be spent once. This means together, in certain areas, costs and time can be reduced up to 99%!! What’s most disappointing is that some business owners know what they need to do to improve their business but don’t have the time to research and implement, or can’t justify the the cost. Sharing the cost makes a huge difference. Having a central resource spending time on your behalf gives an owner more time to either build their business, or spend with their family. We also have tools to create efficiencies, systems to reduce time consumed per transaction, software and marketing material to improve customer engagement and streamline the buying process, and a strong brand to help get your foot in the door.
It is far beyond the idea of just a buying group which is only really one tool. We take it further to include a selling group, a marketing group, a support group, a systems and procedures group, a call centre group etc. Many people spend money on marketing, online communications including their website, buying group membership, business coaches and advisors. We propose it makes more sense to get it all in the one place and share the costs in the form of a low fee with no commissions. 

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We have a passion for customer service, and for this we need the best people. Our selection system rejects hundreds of potential Franchisees per year. We look for people with high standards who take pride in their work.

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